The Lakeside Hospice Chaplain serves our patients and their families with support as a spiritual encourager. As a matter of fact, all of our staff and volunteers work hard in this special part of our ministry as well. We try to lend support and encouragement to our patients and their families as they take their journey through terminal illness and even beyond.

Upon assessing a spiritual need in the life of the patient or family, our chaplain may act as a liaison between the patient and the pastor of their local church family. It may be assessed that the Lakeside Hospice Chaplain is the only spiritual support a family will have. In that case, the Spiritual Care Plan is formed to meet the needs of the patient and family.

One tool that is used is an acrostic entitled: L.I.F.E., which spells out LIFE.

•       L — Life Review
            What accomplishments have been made in your life?
            What special achievements mark your life?
•       I — Identity
            Who do others say you are?
            Who do you think you are?
•       F — Forgiveness
            Are there people in your life who need your forgiveness?
            Are there people in your life you should ask for forgiveness?
•       E — Eternity
            Have you made peace with God?
            Where will you spend eternity?

When all of LIFE’s questions are addressed, our staff can be confident our patient and their family are spiritually sound for the journey before them.

Upon the death of the patient, Lakeside Hospice staff and volunteers continue to serve the family. Our chaplain may be asked to help with the funeral service or provide some special counsel to family members who are having difficulty with the death. Our staff, including the Bereavement Chaplain, Social Workers, RN’s and HHA’s and Volunteers continue to keep in touch with the family utilizing cards, telephone calls, and personal visits.

Our hope in Spiritual Services is to be of help and encouragement to families we serve. Lending them our heartfelt support and encouragement. Our goal is to bring comfort and peace to all we serve.